You are able to:

Use for unlimited personal and commercial projects
Use to create unlimited physical end products for sale
Use for multiple clients and multiple projects
Use for websites, apps, or video games
Use for physical Ads
Use for digital Ads
Use for social media
Use for commercial purposes

1. Your Rights

You may use the templates for an unlimited number of print documents, as well as static images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF) even if the images are used on the web or in a mobile app. The fonts can be embedded in other software files, such as Portable Document Format (PDF) but only as converted elements and in such a way that they cannot be extracted from the files you create.

You may modify the templates for your own purposes, the number of devices covered by the license remains the same.

3. Limit of Liability

If you encounter problems with the templates we will work with you to the best of our ability to solve these technical issues.
In no event will the copyright holder be liable to you for any consequential or incidental damages, including any lost revenue, profits, goodwill, or savings, or for any claim by any third party.

4. Good Faith

We grant the rights of use of our fonts in good faith and request that you promise to adhere to these terms. The use of our fonts in blasphemous material, pornographic material, criminally deceptive ways, dishonest ways, anti-gay material, racist material, illegal industries of any kind, or malicious or hate activity is not permitted.

5. Activation

Your license takes effect once payment is processed.